Surge in Finance-Related Enquiries Calls Attention to Consumer Concerns in Automotive Industry

The Motor Ombudsman has witnessed a significant uptick in car finance-related cases, with figures doubling since the start of January this year. The independent body, which resolves disputes between consumers and automotive businesses, has seen increased consumer outreach for guidance and resolution in finance matters.

London, UK — In a remarkable development, The Motor Ombudsman has reported that the number of cases related to car finance it has handled has doubled since the beginning of January 2024. This surge highlights growing consumer concerns and the need for clarity in the automotive finance sector.

The Motor Ombudsman is dedicated to providing a fair and impartial dispute resolution service for the automotive industry and its customers. The rise in finance-related enquiries suggests that consumers are actively seeking to understand their rights and resolve issues related to car financing agreements.

Increased Awareness and Proactivity Among Consumers

The rise in case numbers could be attributed to heightened consumer awareness about their rights and available recourse when facing financial issues. With a more proactive public and the backing of The Motor Ombudsman, there is a stronger platform for addressing and rectifying consumer grievances.

The Role of The Motor Ombudsman

As an industry-regulated body, The Motor Ombudsman operates to adjudicate on issues that fall within its remit, offering consumers an alternative to legal proceedings when disputes arise. The increased case load underscores the importance of such bodies in assisting consumers to navigate complex financial agreements and in promoting fair practices within the sector.

Consumer Rights and Industry Standards

This trend points to the need for continued education on consumer rights and the responsibilities of finance providers. It also reflects the ongoing efforts by regulatory bodies to uphold high industry standards, ensuring that finance options offered by car manufacturers, dealerships, and lending institutions are fair and transparent.


The doubling of finance-related cases at The Motor Ombudsman since the start of the year illustrates the critical role that independent ombudsman services play in the automotive industry. As a bridge between consumers and businesses, The Motor Ombudsman helps to maintain industry integrity and consumer confidence.

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