Close Brothers Motor Finance, a notable entity in the automotive finance sector, has recently earmarked a substantial £400 million in anticipation of potential outcomes stemming from an ongoing investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This pro-active fiscal maneuver reflects the firm’s commitment to regulatory compliance and consumer protection as the FCA continues its scrutiny of motor finance practices.

Background of the FCA’s Motor Finance Probe

The FCA’s examination into the motor finance industry is a focused effort to ensure that lending practices are carried out in a fair and transparent manner, consistent with regulatory standards. The intention is to safeguard consumer interests and to promote confidence in the financial services sector.

Close Brothers’ Strategic Reserve

In response to the FCA’s continued inquiries, Close Brothers has set aside a significant financial reserve. This action indicates the company’s readiness to address any potential compensatory requirements that may arise as a consequence of the investigation. It also showcases the firm’s dedication to maintaining strong consumer relations and upholding the integrity of its financial operations.

Implications for the Motor Finance Industry

The move by Close Brothers could potentially have wide-ranging implications for the motor finance industry. Setting aside such provisions may encourage other firms within the sector to evaluate their own practices and consider the establishment of funds to cover similar contingencies. This underscores the industry’s wider commitment to compliance with FCA guidelines and consumer protection laws.

Consumer Awareness and Industry Standards

For consumers, the ongoing FCA probe and the reactions of finance firms like Close Brothers reinforce the importance of staying informed about their financial rights and the standards to which finance providers are held. It is a reminder for customers to carefully review the terms of their finance agreements and to seek clarity on any points of uncertainty.


Close Brothers’ decision to proactively allocate funds is a testament to the financial services industry’s ongoing efforts to align with regulatory expectations and to foster trustworthy interactions with consumers. Both the finance sector and consumers stand to benefit from enhanced transparency and the establishment of clear, ethical practices.

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